Writing Like a Buddha Blog: 7 Lessons for Writers

7 Lessons from such Great and Late-Blooming Writers as Steve Wingate, Gary Schaunbacher and David Rothman at Lighthouse Writers LitFest

  1. Set a regular time for writing each day; then be willing to bend it,
  2. Writing is reaching inside more than grasping for external recognition
  3. Writing is communion more than it is a commercial enterprise
  4. You know you’re a successful writer when you’re living the life you enjoy; nothing more
  5. Every writer needs three support groups:
    a) One group that focuses on developing your craft (i.e, classes, seminars, writing exercises),
    b) One group of supportive friends to encourage you on the path (fellow writers and artists)
    c) One group who is there to provide honest critique
  6. You only lose things you love. If you don’t love it, it’s not loss―it’s just something that’s been misplaced; not sure how this applies to writing, except that it sounds awfully true
  7. Until you go completely deaf, try noise-reducing headphones to block out the obnoxious distractions that keep us from writing (i.e, your spouse or kids doing all the household chores while you sit at  your desk writing

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