What folks are saying about Wolf

“Ringel spins an unlikely and classic boy and his dog story. Filled with danger and suspense, Wolf gives insight into what it means to be human in a sometimes inhuman world.”
– Gary Schanbacher, Crossing Purgatory & Migration Patterns

“Ringel weaves together atmosphere, philosophy, and real emotion into one of the most interesting and unique worlds I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. A must read for anyone with a brain and a taste for noir.”
–Jeff Somers, WE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE (Gallery/Pocket) and The Avery Cates
series (Orbit)

“Jim Ringel gives us a world so horrible I’d never even considered it: a world without dogs. And now, having read it, I can only think of one hell more horrible: a world without Jim Ringel. Wolf is a spectacular book.”
– Benjamin Whitmer, Cry Father

“Blood, howling and fangs tear open a story that is intense but reflective and constantly surprising.”
Mike Cooper, Silas Cade series

“Jim Ringel nailed it in this welcome throwback to classic horror.”
– Mario Acevedo, author of Werewolf Smackdown

“A great book. Very interesting plot. I couldn’t put it down. I love the twists and turns. It’s action packed and fast paced. I recommend it to everyone. I look forward to reading more of Jim’s books.”
– Review by Diane Riggins on A Creative Mind (a-creative-mind.com)


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