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I like things you have to figure out.

Mysteries and crossword puzzles. Time stumpers that make you wonder. 

Maybe you do too. Maybe you’re a seeker walking the path made of questions more than answers.

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       Rest Well, Rascal

I’ve practiced Buddhism for more than 25 years. Somewhere in in that time I taught meditation and how it can help our writing creativity. I write the Writing Like a Buddha blog, where I am trying encapsulate some of these thoughts. In 2014, I also published a “sales-werewolf” novel titled Wolf.

I like talking about it. I am available for speaking engagements. We can discuss 49 Buddhas, or Buddhism in general, or mystery writing. I can be available on Zoom or in person. Contact me here on the site.

And thank you for your interest in the Lama Rinzen Mysteries and the Six Realms. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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