About Jim Ringel

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I like figuring things out.

Mysteries and crossword puzzles. Life’s little stumpers that force you to stop and wonder. 

Maybe you do too. Maybe you’re a seeker walking your own path of questions.

jim ringel dog rascal

       A True Bodhisattva, Rascal    

I’ve practiced Buddhism for more years than I know. Somewhere in in that time I taught meditation and explored about it helps my own writing. I teach a series of classes, Writing Like a Buddha, where we meditate and then do writing exercises. In 2014, I published a “sales-werewolf” novel titled Wolf.

In 2018 I published 49 Buddhas and now I am following up with Hidden Buddha. 

I enjoy writing. I enjoy exploring how meditation and its lessons inform my writing. I am available for group discussions on Buddhism, my books, or writing in general. Contact me if you’d like me to join your book club discussion or talk with you about your writing questions.

And thank you for your interest in the Lama Rinzen Mysteries. I look forward to hearing from you.

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