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1) Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America tells the eerily prescient story of a Republican presidential victory which led the U.S. to align with overseas fascist governments in the mid-20th Century. Where have we seen that before? 

2) Toni Morrison’s 1987 novel Beloved tells the story of a former slave now freed but still haunted by the ghost of her deceased child. It is now being banned in many U.S. school districts because it dares to address the country’s history with slavery.


3) Lee Child introduced us to Jack Reacher. And then we were re-introduced in all those Tom Cruise movies. And then again on Netflix. And then I think somebody else brought him up.


4) Apeirogon is about a Palestinian father and Jewish father, both who lost children in the ongoing Israeli conflict, who join together to spread a message that peace “starts with talking to one another.”