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Stuck on a question? All forms of cheating encouraged. Google, Wikipedia, phone a friend… The whole idea is to have fun and possibly open up to some books you’ve not read in a while, or maybe never heard of.

All qualifying entries go into a pool from which a winner is selected.

The winner and answers will be announced here on the site April 26. So check back then and see how you did.

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On November 23, Dickie Greenleaf and Tom Ripley go for a boat ride in San Remo, Italy. Later, Tom returns. Name the novel and its author.
Which was Dr. Seuss's first children book?
What Catholic author created the sleuth Father Brown?
Julia Alvarez's In the Time of Butterflies tells of the Mirabel sisters trying to survive the Dominican Republic's Trujillo regime. Which sister survives and narrates the novel?
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