Johnny’s a sales guy. Except he’s not any good at it. What once motivated him is all in the past now – a wife who loved him, a dog who left him, a career gone flat. It’s all just survival anymore. That’s all Johnny’s got left.

Then one day, it changes. Walking to work, he comes across the body of a fellow salesman who has been brutally killed by a dog. That’s weird, Johnny figures. Dogs were all run out of the city a long time ago. How could one have killed his colleague?

Stooping over the man’s dead body, rifling through his jacket pockets, Johnny discovers the colleague is carrying a rather size-able sales order.

Could this be it? Could placing a big sales order be just the thing to get Johnny’s life back on track? Figuring the colleague is dead, Johnny pockets the order, and decides to place it as his own.

Except he can’t figure out what product the man was selling.

And when he does figure it out, he realizes it has something to do with why dogs returning.
That’s when he smells it. The smell of fear, and maybe the dogs are coming back for him.