Lama Rinzen Mystery Series

by Jim Ringel

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About the Lama Rinzen Mystery Series

Winner! Book Fest 2018 Best Visionary Novel

Experience the world with intimacy. This is the Buddha’s teaching.

Experience the world not by knowing it and fitting it into our minds’ preconceptions, but instead by touching it with all our senses.

Our senses are the bodies’ way to discipline the mind into seeing without knowing.

The Six Realms of Buddhism embody this teaching.

The Hell Realm teaches us to walk comfortably with confusion and keep an open mind.

The Hungry Ghost Realm haunts us into understanding we do not really exist. Stop the clinging.

The Animal Realm deepens the body’s lessons as we hone our instincts. 

The Human Realm elevates compassion as our greatest instinct of all. 

The Realm of the Warring Titans confronts jealousy as an impediment to compassion.

The God Realm questions compassion, inviting us to not settle into as a virtue but to embrace the challenge of its confusion.

Confusion is the mystery. It’s the lesson that we exist not as any one permanent, solitary, and singular being, but as a fragment of energy interacting in a much larger world. 

Each Lama Rinzen Mystery tells of the lama’s rebirth into one of these Six Realms.

Each rebirth is not the rebirth of one singular continuous entity, but of a series of actions the lama undertakes to learn.

That’s karma. The lama never escapes the consequences of his or her actions.

In each book an injustice confronts the lama. A crime that must be solved. Unriddling the crime is the lama’s path to learning the realm’s lesson. It requires keeping an open mind.

A mind without knowing is the most intimate experience.

Happy Buddha Jim Ringel

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