An Everyday Meditation #1


Here’s a thought.

Step outside.

Go for a walk.

The first person you encounter, ask yourself what you notice about them. Be aware. Be specific. Focus on encountering specific characteristics that influence your experiencing the person.

Now ask, how did you notice these characteristics? With your eyes, ears, nose (maybe), touch, or taste (doubtful). It is important here to not focus on your reaction to the characteristics, but simply on the person’s characteristics themselves.

Now ask, did one of your sense faculties play a more dominant role than another in your interaction? Which one?

Wonder—If you were to lose that sense faculty, how would you then have encountered the person. If another sense faculty dominated, would the encounter have been different? The same? Does encountering someone by how they sound make them different than what they look like? Does our mode of encountering change who a person is?

Everyone and everything we meet is an interaction. Is there any such thing as objectivity? Is our reaction a true reflection of the person or thing we encounter, or of the moment in which the encounter occurred?

How much of our daily world exists outside us? How much inside?

Is there any such thing as the world? Or us? Or is everything just an interactive fluidity. Here one moment, gone the next?